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  1. BM,

    You left a comment on my blog recently disputing my contention that Romania is depressed because of its history without Protestantism. While I agree with you that Romania’s recent past is deeply scarred because it was in the grip of a mentally insane person for twenty-five years, I would also offer that the way to Ceausescu’s rise to power was smoothed by an intrinsic worldview of Romanians that lent itself to socialism and authoritarianism. The Orthodox church is wonderful in many regards, but it unfortunately does not equip its believers to live out Biblical principles throughout the whole of life as the protestant reformation did in so many countries.

    I love Romania and have visited three times now, criss-crossing the country from Galati to Oradea. Protestants aren’t perfect, and I have much to learn myself. But, I do have history on my side in this argument. Ceausescu’s power grab was inexcusable and devastating. I simply believe that it was made all the more possible by countrymen too weakened by centuries of spiritual death to fight back for so long.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me think a bit.

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